We honor what God has done in the past in our nation and we take the baton. As Isaiah 43,19 says, we look forward to the new thing that God is doing in our land. Where there was no way and where dry land has been, a new path and fresh waters will come to cause dry lands to flourish once again. This is the beginning of our new Slovakia story.
God has been stirring hearts across Slovakia that He is about to do a new thing in the nation. Long awaited hopes of transformation are about to be fulfilled, Jesus is coming. We are in a Kairos time. God has sent a foreigner in our midst to testify and encourage us in this new day.
As a young Coptic Christian growing up in Cairo, Egypt, Hany Soryal was influenced by a monk who wrote books that had an emblem of a lamb with a chalice on it. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this was the symbol of the Moravian brothers. This same monk was used by God in 1991 to ignite a revival in Egypt, during which Hany experienced a profound outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Shortly after this revival, he moved to Canada where in 1998, he had a face-to-face encounter with our Lord Jesus. Since that time, he has had desire to serve God and His people. For years he served the Lord as an itinerant minister and as the pastor of a small community, to love, encourage, train and equip the Lord’s family to discern God’s voice and His ways, and to follow Him with their whole hearts. Hany was part of Morningstar Ministries (Rick Joyner) from 1999 to 2001 then Streams Ministries (John Paul Jackson) from 2001 to 2004.
In 2004, the Lord began to show Hany and Jeannie, his wife, His love for the nations and He commissioned them to focus on the healing of Québec, the heart of Canada. After four years of labor across the province, in 2008, they saw a miraculous transformation of the political landscape in the Canadian government as a result of addressing Quebec’s historical wounds of betrayal, abandonment and the orphan heart. Through this experience, they learned that it is the privilege and responsibility of God’s people to bring healing, restoration, and transformation to their nations.
In the fall of 2014, the Lord connected Hany to Czechia through divine encounters with Moravian Christians and shortly thereafter instructed them to move to Moravian Falls, North Carolina, USA. During a visit to Czechia in 2015, Hany was walking through a museum in Moravia and saw the same emblem he had grown up with, the lamb and the chalice. He thought this was an Egyptian symbol and asked how this Egyptian influence came all the way to this small town in Moravia. His Moravian friends shared with him that this emblem originated with the Moravians and it is also carved into the tomb of Count Zinzendorf in Herrnhut. It was then that things began to click more deeply for Hany that his whole life continued to connect him to the nation of Czechia.
In the past years since the Soryal’s moved to Moravian Falls, the Lord has impressed upon them that Europe is in crisis and that He considers Czechia and Slovakia to be two chambers of the heart of Europe. This is significant to the Soryal’s as they had already seen God bring transformation to a whole nation by first bringing healing to its heart. God has a plan for Europe that begins with Czechia and Slovakia.
In 2016 Hany taught on Christian conference in Czechia. When he looked to the audience, he saw a spotlight shining on eight people sitting one next to another. He stopped teaching and found out that all these people were Slovak. He perceived that God´s hand is over Slovakia. God aimed Hany´s attention to Slovakia second time month later when he was in Israel in the House of Prayer on the Mount of Olive. He met there Tom Hess who told him about prayer convocation planned in Bratislava, Slovakia. Hany again realized that something is going on in Slovakia. Next month Hany by chance met with Vlado and Martinka Žák in Redding, California. They also invited him to convocation to Bratislava. This was third time God focused Hany´s attention to Slovakia. In March 2017 Hany came to Bratislava with his team. They came few days before convocation start and during the first night Hany had divine encounter, visitation with John the Baptist.
In this divine encounter with John the Baptist, the forerunner of Lord, Hany started to understand that God began to pour out Spirit of forerunner before Messiah will manifest and announce God´s Kingdom. Usually it happens that there is a period of oppression and difficulties as for example Israel people experienced during 400 years in Egypt and only then they entered promised land. He started to see that all this highlights God´s purpose and God desires to visit Slovak nation and is pouring His Spirit of forerunner that calls and prepares way to the Lord. Make His way straight, remove all stones from your way and remove obstacles because God wants to manifest His Kingdom in this nation. This is the end of oppression era. It is an absolutely new era of peace, prosperity, hope, where is sonship, where is revealed every good and perfect thing from our Father of Lights, our Heavenly Father. Hany started to share this message to every minister, leader that was willing and open to listen.
Hany began to see parallels that it is not only Czechia that is heart of Europe, however it is Czechia and Slovakia together. They are two chambers of one heart. God spoke with word expression “I see new Slovakia”. I see new Slovakia in this nation. Because Slovakia is not a nation just for itself. In fact Slovakia is the nation that is the heart of this continent, connected to its brother, Czech Republic, and together they will pump life to other countries in Europe. Europe is nowadays in great crisis and we need life to come back to Europe. It is not only about God wanting to bless Slovakia, this blessing will flow to other nations.
Slovakia, this is the day of your visitation! We see new Slovakia. New day and new Slovakia is to come. God comes to usher new standard – Kingdom reign in our country so that we may become the inheritance of Lord Jesus Christ.