It is the privilege and responsibility of the people of God to bring healing, restoration and transformation to their nations. We believe it is time of God´s visitation for our nation, it is special God´s time „Kairos“ for NEW Slovakia.  As national family of servant leaders we prepare Slovakia to be a nation that will become inheritance of our Lord Jesus Christ and we together enter to the promise of new Slovakia.
Most of the people understand gospel of salvation that is mainly about God´s love to individuals. In the heavens there is a celebration of every single man saved and in the body of Christ is a place for everyone who is called to bring a change at local or regional level.
However gospel of the Kingdom can be fully revealed only in the nation transformation, not only in transformation of a city or region. When Lord Jesus spoke about Great Commission in Mathew 28:19-20, he sent us to make disciples from the nations. It is possible to translate it by several ways however one of them is to lead in discipleship whole nation, not only to disciple single individuals.
Aim of the God´s heart was to show those, who he created, his kindness and to bless them. From the beginning we see God looking for friends by who he could bless the nations. He found out Abraham and wanted to build a nation from him that would be a model for others. Out of Abraham and his descendants raised up in Egypt a successful nation, later known as Israel. In spite of Egypt being one of the richest nations of that era, it was not successful because did not follow God´s ways. We know that nothing can last if not built on God´s principles. After 400 years of oppression and slavery in Egypt the Abraham descendants, Israel nation, were led by prophet Moses from that land. God met Moses face to face on the mountain and gave him directions how leaders should lead the nation.
Revelation given by God to Moses shows God´s ways for transformation and prosperity of every aspect of society. Israel started to be build as a nation and God ´s dream about the nation being a model for others was fulfilled during Salomon reign. Queen of Sheba proves immense God´s love to Israel as she saw by her own eyes how brilliantly Solomon ruled his land based on God´s principles at micro and macro level (1 King 10:9). Other nations thus saw nation that is successful thanks to God´s leading and had an opportunity to turn to God and thrive.
God throughout the centuries sent his prophets to bring the nations back to follow his ways, however they refused so He finally terminated His covenant (Zach 11:10).
When God looks at the nation, He sees it as corporate body. In Exodus 19:6 and 1 Peter 2:9 it is written about Israel and about those who follow Jesus, as a holy nation. Body of Christ is also corporate body reflecting the similar concept. In the whole Scripture God speaks to the nations through his prophets. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Nehemiah and others prophesy over the whole nations.
When God terminated his covenant with the nations, He spoke about Shephard that will come to restore the covenant. The Shepard, Lord Jesus Christ, came and preached gospel of Kingdom, not salvation. When Jesus announced in Jerusalem: I am that good Shepard, all Jews of that time thought about Zachariah 11. Jesus was later betrayed in exchange of thirty pieces of silver, exactly as it was prophesied. He died, was resurrected and before he was ascended to the heavens, he told to his disciples: Go, bring me back the nations. During the last supper I made a new covenant and nations belong to me, as David speaks in Psalm 2: they are my inheritance from the Father. The day comes when I will judge the nations, some will stand on my right, others on my left, some as sheep, others as goats (Mt 25:31-33).
Sending disciples was prophetic vision to sending disciples to the nations so that every nation becomes inheritance of Jesus. As history shows, disciples in accordance to Great Commission dispersed to other nations. Thomas went to India, Mark to Egypt, Andrew to Russia, Peter to Rome, John to Efezus etc. John saw in revelation that the trees will bring healing not only to individuals but also to the nations (Rev 22:2). As co-heirs of Christ we will reign and rule not only over individuals, however over the nations (2 Tim 2:12, Rev 20:4-6).
Vision and mission of the movement „I see new Slovakia“ is built on biblical foundations and seeks transformation of the Slovak nation at the national level.